Friday, October 10, 2014

Wolverine versus Danger Mouse + Breakdown

There is no substitute for learning under pressure on the job, without Boulder Media I would've still just been this guy who kind of can draw but just does a normal office job.

It's kind of cool to be in a situation now where I can start to think about future projects with the company (fingers crossed). One of their new gigs is Danger Mouse, the show is looking pretty awesome, so here's a DM sketch..oh, and I also drew Wolverine in the background if you look closely.

Thumbnail and lineart. I'm trying to force myself to draw simpler lines and then fill out the anatomy in the coloring..

This was my first stage of color, it's kind of easy when you're doing an existing design since you don't need to think about choosing colors that fit


  1. Incredible stuff Dave!! Im am so excited for Danger Mouse!

  2. Yes! Good times ahead for Boulder :)