Monday, January 26, 2015

What's new pussycat

So this is the last WIP post on this, all I'm doing now is tracing over the rough with clean lines using the standard vector brush at 6.7 pixels in ToonBoom. You can see a cleaned up frame below, if that wand looks kinda wonky it's because this happens to be a smearframe.

Below that you can see the wand animation added to my rough, some of the spacing is pretty broad which I'll fix in cleanup, I was originally going to use a rigged head and wand, but instead I'm going to just draw over what I have below, it will allow me to add some subtleties in.

Actually a big problem I find when working on animation at home is that you just forget what you were doing, animating is all about movement and flow, and when you are cleaning up frames over an interval of a few days, it's pretty easy to get out of the swing of the movement. But you's still better to do something at home, than nothing ! :D

Next month I'll do a Star Wars themed animation, if anybody wants to join in let me know, it's easier to work on stuff when you know there's other people doing the same!

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  1. JAAAAAYSUS!!! Dave, please tell me you'll finish this?!?