Sunday, August 10, 2014

Batwoman 3.0 Final

OK, it's 2.40 am...but I finished this mammoth drawing as I said I would!

I'm pretty happy with how this looks (possibly my best drawing this year?). But I'll need to see it again with fresh eyes before I can judge's definitely dark...  I wanted to ditch this project during every step after the thumbnails, but I decided to have confidence in my own idea and hoped it would kind of all work in the end. Definitely a big difference with how I was even a year ago, but I'm committed to finish what I start nowadays, even if I hate it.

Next stop...5 comic book pages! Oh...and ..seriously, buy the book 'Batwoman: Elegy' by Greg Rucka and Williams III if you like what you see below. It's hands down my favorite book at the moment.

And here's the lineart:

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  1. Wow Dave this is fantastic!! I have to say I am seriously impressed with your recent work. Keep it up man and yeah I think you have a definite skill for comics if you want to get into that field.