Sunday, August 3, 2014

Red Sonja Design

I'm starting work on my Red Sonja sequential...for a 5 page sequential it's jam packed with stuff to design. 2 locations, 1 prop, 6 characters and a bunch of incidentals. Of course the main character is the most important, so here's Sonja as I imagine her:

(On a sidenote, this is a pose from memory, no reference.)

If you google Red Sonja, you'll most likely stumble on her Bikini Chainmail design...which is something I really wanted to stay clear from. Of course I want her to be sexy, but I wanted to do that in a more elegant way. I took inspiration from Valeria in Conan instead.

Linework (pretty sketchy..but when colored I think it works):

Below I did the basic skeleton and some muscles for the sake of practice: I didn't draw the skeleton first and then flesh out the character, I actually did that afterwards... I'm trying to just be aware of it when I draw poses without having to draw it out.

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