Friday, August 8, 2014

Batwoman Part 2 : Pencils + Flats

Learning by making mistakes is definitely the way forward! In which case I must be sprinting forward right now. I definitely aimed a little bit too high with my idea, especially thinking that I was going to complete it in 2 or maybe 3 evenings. I think this one is going to take up my weekend.

I penciled these 2 poses zoomed in close for detail, and as a result it really kind of falls apart as a whole, but I'm kind of hopeful that I can make it look somewhat appealing once it's fully painted. Definitely going to keep zoomed out while doing my "pencils" except maybe for details like hair and belts and stuff.

Anyway, below is the rough composition with the 2 figures, every one of these boxes leading down will include a scene from the comic. They will just be line drawings I think (maybe very soft shading), while the 2 central characters will be fully painted to steal the spotlight.

It's kind of easy at this point to just throw in the towel, but you never could still look good in the end or at least still teach me a thing or two in the process.. did I mention drawing is hard...because it is!'s also incredibly challenging and rewarding on the good days :)

Here be the line can probably tell I love drawing lines...but as always I draw too many!

PS: I saved down these drawing in pretty high res 1200 x something pixels. Definitely looks better than small as below.

And just before I finished up I realised how I could improve that last pose, I'll fix that up before the final render.


  1. love this so much, the line quality is so great

  2. haha, at least one of us likes it :) Hey man, you up for going to Dr Sketchys?