Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Batwoman Thumbnails

It's a new month and so a new illustration needs to be drawn for the monthly drawing battle-jams at penciljack.com. I won my last match with my X-men drawing, and this month I get to pick the topic again! So I decided to pick "Batwoman" (drawn by J.H Williams III, probably my favorite comic artist at the moment).

Anyway, tonight I just wanted to plan out my drawing, I have the idea to do a vertical 2 page spread. In comic books you can obviously only do a spread over 2 pages (horizontally), but since this is the digital realm I'm going to a vertical spread and tell the story of Batwoman from top to bottom in panels united by 2 character poses.

Here are the thumbnails for the 2 poses I'll be using:

Below are my thumbnails to work out the layout...yeah, not amazing I know..:P

I then drew a bigger thumbnail of the one that worked best for me:

I then dropped my poses into a more 'refined' layout. I will start on the pencils tomorrow...just want to sleep over it before I commit to a final layout.

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