Thursday, December 18, 2014

STUDY: 4 Legged Walk - Cat Studies + some cool links

So in preparation for my first 4 legged walkcycle, I wanted to do some research. The animal I picked is a cat, so my research is obviously focussing on cats :P

The first book I looked at was "The Art of Animal Drawing" by Ken Hultgren.  This was recommended by Andreas Deja in this recorded lecture linked below. (super inspiring btw)

Of course my sketches are very poor, but again it's not about copying images but trying to understand so you can replicate it from imagination or apply it to observational sketching.

TIP: As an added incentive to do these studies, I used a rotring graphic pen which I plan to use for sketching in cafe's. So doing these sketches is a great way to get used to using a medium.

I then did some sketches of Aristocats..these are all "throw away" sketches purely for research purpose, but I like to post them up because research is probably one of the most important steps and so many people skip it (myself included).

And finally I looked at some anatomy..I probably should've done that first :P It's scary how everything relates to our own anatomy...and my recent studies into anatomy definitely makes it easier to understand how it functions. The plan is to do some more studies, including a trip to the natural history musuem and probably finish the walkcycle during the christmas break.

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