Thursday, December 4, 2014

She-Hulk Part 4: Clean Lines & Color Flats

So this 1 day exercise ended up taking far too long (nearly a week now), but it was great to test out a workflow in ToonBoom for handdrawn animation.

1) Clean Up: Hard Lesson Learned

It kind of fell apart at the clean up process though. For clean up (to save time) I cleaned up straight ahead from frame 1 to 16 only referencing the previous drawing, that was ok for the main body since I had clean, on model shapes to work from. My secondary action however (the jacket, hair, etc..) was very rough and only suggestive of the movement. I think I could've either cleaned up those shapes first, or I should've done my clean up by doing the keys first, breakdowns and finally inbetweens.

If you look at the animation you'll see there are problems with the hair, jacket, sleeve and her chest...biggest problem being the distance between the jacket sleeve and her hand, so I might fix that up at some stage.

 So I'm kind of thinking that clean up should be a trace of the animation, and not really a stage of the process where you can still tidy up animation.  I could go and fix this stuff, but I'm kind of tired of looking at this and I'll just take what I learned and apply it to my next easier design would definitely help!


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