Sunday, November 30, 2014

She_Hulk Walcycle Part 3.5 : Clean Up

I originally thought I'd have this walkcycle finished in 1 day...I was wrong...very wrong. Inbetweening and clean up take much longer than I expected, below is a work-in-progress with 50% of the clean up done, I'm not sure if I should've have cleaned up keys first, then breakdowns, and on to inbetweens, I instead am going through it frame by frame. I'll try to do the rest of the clean-up tomorrow evening. (I also should've traced off the key I drew up in Photoshop, I think the face especially had a bit more appeal, but too late to change now).

1 comment:

  1. hey man great work on this, looks great even with the roughs there is already so much overlapping and personality in the walk. shows how important it is to try it out in roughs before cleaning up which is the time consuming part but great work man, seems like i have tones pf work to do hah