Thursday, September 4, 2014

Figures - Wolverine style

I'm far from done with anatomy, but I also want to start working on shape design within my figures. Because in the end all of this is to strenghten my core skills as an animator, not to become a heart surgeon :D

Here is a sheet of some figures from imagination, trying to incorporate some shape & design. This is where I really need to start looking at other artists to see how they solve "the problem" of shaping out anatomy.

Took one of the sketches and fleshed it out into exercise in applying anatomy.
 Tried to flesh out another pose from the sheet....but a) It's a hard angle and b) I started to draw too detailed to quickly again.

Below is a sketch I did the previous night, I kinda hate it because the shape design is not very successful(neither is the pose) but at the same time I do like the linework the color palette.

And another figure from imagination..the placement of the head kind of kills this drawing, but fairly happy with the stretched leg.

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