Sunday, September 7, 2014

STUDY: INOUE Takehiko - Vagabond

August was a tough month, I didn't get the time to work on the Red Sonja script,  but since I can't submit it for the forum challenge I can now take my time on it and really push myself on it...just hope I don't get lazy and just forget about it :D

Anyway today I want to shine the spotlight on artist Takehiko Inoue, I have been looking for an artist to study who draws anatomy well but draws in a style that appeals to me. I found a manga by Inoue Takehiko called Vagabond. To be honest his artwork really starts to shine in the later chapters where he really loosens up, to me his drawings remind of the work by Bridgman in his anatomy books. It's dynamic and sculptural..exactly what I was looking for!

Here's a video with the man and his work:

Here's some of the pages I filled...last page probably the most interesting (to me anyway).

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