Thursday, September 11, 2014

Wolverine Sketch + other disasters

Ok, so let's get the good sketch out of the way first (or at least I think it is at the time of posting)..

I am suffering form a severe case of "is this crap...maybe it's really crap and I just don't see it". I also have reason to think like that..because a lot of times I look at a drawing after I'm done and I see how wrong it is...sometimes, it's proportions, sometimes it's the pose, sometimes it's shape design..and sometimes it's all of the above :P

But you know, I'm not getting paid to draw in my spare time, so as long as I enjoy the process, I'm happy. I honestly just like moving line across surface...if a good drawing shows up at the end, it's a nice extra :) Anyway, below is a wolverine sketch...scroll down if you want to see how it came to be,

So I started off with a sheet of poses...I'm honestly seeing improvements...but it's not an easy journey..these are all from imagination without reference:
So I picked the 2 poses below:

I thought the first one was a good base for Colussus...I drew it and as soon as I zoomed out I noticed how crap it looked :P I think the small gesture looked good, but clearly the proportions don't work...that aside, I am happy with the form and shape of the anatomy.

The thing about drawing 'realistic' is that you can't get away with much, it's either right or it's not...
So I then took the second pose as a base for Wolverine, I drew a bit looser to get some energy into the sketch, colored for the result you can see on top.

Below the other sketches Blown up a bit:

And a page of some INOUE studies from his manga Vagabond:

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