Tuesday, September 23, 2014

One Piece Pencil Illustration + Steps

This was done for a monthly draw off challenge on penciljack. This month's topic was "One Piece", I read some of the manga but never got into the anime. But for research sake I skipped to episode 80 something where we are introduced to Chopper, and he quickly has become one of my favorite animated characters. Anyway, I wanted to do a pencil drawing to challenge myself and this is the result:

One of the things I didn't really think about was how to use tone to strenghten the composition.  There were also some problems with some characters being too small or too big, but overall really had a lot of fun drawing this.

Below is the rough pencil stage before I cleaned up and toned in the drawing: I used a HB pencil on an A3 pad.

Below is the cleaned up version:

I then tweaked the levels and sized down "Chopper", he was really  too big and messing up the sense of perspective..especially since Nami (the girl with the stick) is much smaller than the characters in the foreground. I finally flipped the image since I think it looks more dynamic...something with how we read a page from left to right.

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