Thursday, September 18, 2014

Wonderwoman Sketch 2

Alrighty, here's another attempt at some more stylized anatomy using good ol' Wonder Woman:

Now..the story behind the image...I basically realised I was taking too much on my plate at the same time. Trying to come up with a pose is a challenge on it's own, drawing anatomy on top of that pose is another challenge, and stylizing anatomy is yet another complete horse.

So when I sit down with an hour of sketchtime trying to do all of the above, I really shouldn't be surprised that the end result is crap. remedy that I will start of my sketches with a reference! That means that the pose is already there, I just need to apply anatomy and think about shape and design.

What I did was draw a loose gesture based on the reference, then got rid of the reference and started filling in the anatomy based on that gesture...I might actually keep a reference at hand during the entire process next time because it started out very messy:

1) This is my bare bones skeleton shorthand:

2) Then drew the top level can see however the pose is all sort of weirdness by the time I got here.

This was going to be the initial shape layout for my sketch...but I noticed how unbalanced the whole thing was so redrew it ...the result is the sketch on top...anyway..this is a pretty tough exercise, but I definitely recommend it for people who want to test their knowledge of the human figure.

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