Saturday, July 26, 2014

Boulder TV + Step by Step

At work they have a competition for a crew t-shirt and while I am probably the worst person in the world to come up with a "design" for a t-shirt, I didn't want to not to anything for it either. So I just drew something in my own style..and quite honestly it's one of my favorite things I drew in the last few months :P

I'll probably submit this for the end of year art auction instead of a t-shirt design. Anyway, here's the artwork and below a few breakdowns of the idea to final process. Probably took about 4 maybe 5 hours from start to finish.


I have an original thumbnail I drew weeks ago, but I'm too lazy to scan it. But this is my digital thumbnail for it (which actually is quite different from the original).
This is the Rough Pencil stage, I moved the characters around a bit so it feels like a 3d space instead of 2d flat surface. I also removed spiderman, partly because I wanted to do this fast and also because I think he wasn't necessary for the composition.

This is the cleaned up linework, I always keep it kind of sketchy. I really don't like super clean artwork..I am flawed and so should my drawings :P

I had no idea how I was going to color this, but I decided to start of with some blobs of color to see if the silhouette was working.

I then decided my color palette based on the base color.
The rest of the process is very organic, the way that I color is the way that I draw. If you see any of my black and white drawings, I do the same but with color.

That's it for now. August will be a very busy month. I have a 5 page comic to do, an illustration for the monthly competition, part 2 of my anatomy course and if I get the chance I'm also doing the weekly sketchjams and of course weekly figure drawing. You can probably tell I'm the ALL or NOTHING type of person :P

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