Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Marvel's New She Thor Sketch 2

I really need to stop sketching so much because I have way too many things to do :P

But I'm kind of having fun testing my current ability. The pose I drew here was not easy! As always I used no reference, I didn't quite figure out how that arm holding the hammer works. I tried my best faking it, so maybe to the untrained eye (including mine) this looks good? This kind of reminded me why I need to study anatomy, I just need to know how body parts connect into 3d space to pull a drawing like this off.

I really like the linework I did for this, you'll notice I am really trying to stop myself over-rendering anatomy, as a result it actually looks a lot more pleasing I think.
Beneath are the rough and sketch stage of the drawing..probably the most important phase, the rest if just fancy stuff to pretend you know what your doing :P

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