Friday, July 4, 2014

Figure From Memory

I felt kinda bad that I haven't updated here since last wednesday, I've been on fire lately though on my other blog. Working on those figure studies every day! Had a very loong day at work today, but glad I still dragged my butt off to life drawing. Check out the drawings here.

I also recently bought a little artist Manikin to help me out with poses from imagination. So I drew one pose and completed a figure drawing without using any reference apart from the wooden manikin for the pose.

The good stuff:
- I really see the improvements on rendering form on the middle section of the body, which I previously always had problem with.
- Definitely a more natural pose working with the manikin.
- Also see an improvement in the knees, I think the figure also has some weight in it.

The stuff to work on:
- How the hip connects to the legs..I think I kinda pulled it off but I'm really just guessing.
- Upper legs still feel kinda weird to me, I'm not at all confident about where the muscles connect to hips or knees
- The connection of the arms to the torso, also the inner arm muscles


Below is the process I went through  to draw the figure:

1) Gesture based on Manikin pose

2) Draw the manikin to think about volume and perspective
3) Drew the figure on top and also applied the head construction I've been studying form Loomis:

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