Monday, July 14, 2014

Figure Drawing from Imagination

I wanted to squeeze out some figures from imagination without reference, kind of trying to remember things I've drawn... but most importantly looking for that "inner artist" yourself, enjoy the experience of putting down a line on a page..and try to block out the "thinker" who approaches everything in a mathematical, self aware and insecure way.

Dudes...I think these 3 drawings below or some of my best efforts so far when it comes to drawing believable figures from imagination. If you scroll down you'll see my first page...I think you can see the struggle, and as I got looser the figures started to get better as well. I actually only spent 30 drawing but I did warm up with gestures earlier.

Maybe tomorrow I'll look at these and hate them, but as a wise person once told me " live in the moment". And I think I'm getting somewhere with my recent hard work when it comes to studying figures.

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