Sunday, July 20, 2014

Red Sonja Sketches + Heads

Nothing more relaxing than slouching in the couch with a sketchbook and watching some movies. Finally saw the LEGO movie! Yay.

Anyway here are a few 'standard' heads from's all about trying to get some structure and rotating them around in 3d imaginary space. I think my up and downs are looking 'better' anyway than before my Loomis studies...will get back to heads after my course finishes up.

OK, and here are the 'throw away' sketches. I'm just posting these up so fellow artist noobs looking for knowledge on how to get better  can see what my studies are:

(Left) Looking at some John Buscema...that man mastered the figure. I'm especially a fan of his work on Conan.. his poses are powerful and clear, and he uss line perfectly to suggest form without making his figures look stiff. I'll have to properly delve into it one day, but not with biro...I think an actual brush and ink is needed.

(Right) Jim Lee: Still my number one go to guy to doodle poses from, Another guy who is a master at drawing the figure, and I'm yet to find a comic book that packs more dramatic poses than his 90s X-men stuff.

And here are a few lazy pages doodling poses and (horrible) faces from 'Red Sonja'. Gotta say that Conan is one of my all time favorite movies..Red acceptable :P

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