Saturday, July 12, 2014

Undead X-men Finished Inks

I finished the "inks" on this piece and will move on to coloring now, might as well try to get it done today. All I can say is that I definitely learned a lot, but I am still not quite good enough to do something like this well. But of course the only way to get better is to fail...over and over again :)

This is probably the final composition with BG (the sky and moon will be painted). The biggest problem I think is that I draw each character individually instead of considering the composition as  whole. I will try to unite everything together with colors though.

Some of the characters look quite good on their own:

I think Wolverine looks cool-ish, should just fix up the way that hand with the claw goes inwards a bit too much.

Colussus could look cool as a stand alone pin up stype drawing:
I think Cyclops and Jubilee are easily the weakest, and they were also the most difficult because of the forced perspective.

Rogue was super easy to draw, even though she takes up a very small portion of the composition :(

EDIT: I deleted the previous post with my WIP update, since I like to stick to just 1 post per day. Anyway here is the ROUGH pencil which I inked. If you look back, you'll see I trashed the first pencil rough I did.

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