Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Marvel Valkyrie + Character Sketches

For a weekly sketchjam I did some sketches of a character I never heard of: Valkyrie. To be honest..superheroes are super easy to draw since all of them just wear different "bodypaint"..but most of these characters are all built the same way.

This is all part of the drawing "poses from imagination" exercise. No reference used. This time around I tried to focus on general shapes instead of fleshing out realistic anatomy (which I very rarely succeed in - but it's a great exercise).

I tried some different styles, but I'm sure to the byepasser it all looks the same. If you look closely though you'll see some of the figures have very little definition in muscles (with extremely long legs) while others have more anatomy defined . It's very clear that realism is much harder than suggestive drawing. I guess in some way or another this eventually will lead into style...but for now, just looking out for gesture, weight and silhouette.

Below the initial gestures before I fleshed them out roughly. If I get time at some point I would like to take a few and finish them.

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