Thursday, July 10, 2014

Wonder woman heads

Just wanted to draw some heads from imagination (no reference) using the Loomis template..or at least what I remember from it :P That head on the right is completely wrong, the brows are pushing in to the eyes, that would only happen with extreme foreshortening.

So I ignored that wrong head and just did 2 different versions of the first one. Wonder woman is a strong female character, so I tried to push that jaw in the 2nd and third one, but had to reel back in since it was looking too much like a man.

Just for practice sake I slapped on same greytones. I'm considering getting a new sketchbooks to just draw heads in, from reference and memory.

Earlier this evening I also took the time to explain a few things I do when I do my quick (2 minute) gestures in Photoshop. I actually write these things so I can go back to it myself if I feel stuck, but I'm sure someone out there might find it useful as well. --LINK

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