Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Ride The Lightning

So  I was supposed to be in L.A this week, and I would've been watching a Lakers game with my best mate. But instead...I ended up getting sick and had to cancel my flight...booooOO! But health is one of those things that always needs to take priority unfortunately.

 SooooOO instead I've had a buttload of time off at home. I really tried to stay away from doing any "work" as much as I could to come back refreshed and with new purpose after the break. However I still messed around a bit in ToonBoom doing some (or let's say "trying" to do some) fx animation.

Starting off with some lightning animation.

Test 1:
Single Lightning Strike (drawn by hand) with Radial Blur fx effect filter.

Test 2:
Same thing, just a more refined design of the lightning bolt, playing a bit more with movement.

Test 3:
This one is actually a bit crude, I just wanted to try and animate some lightning hitting from the clouds, but I was too focussed on playing around with some of the color and contrast filters and not so much the design and timing on the lightning itself...even though it's a bit shabby looking, I learned a lot from it.

Anyway, my aim is to fill up this blog more with personal animation work, I originally intended to just focus on figure drawing until March next year but I'm ok with my drawing skills right now. I think sometimes the information needs to settle a bit before doing another focussed session to improve my work.

Anyway, going to enjoy the rest of my time off, back to normal business next week!

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