Saturday, November 1, 2014

STUDY: Korra S3 ToonBoom gestures

Watching Korra Season 3 and taking the opportunity to get used to sketching in ToonBoom since I'll be switching to that software package from next week onwards.

These sketches are done using one of the vector brushes in Toonboom, I can't really ask for a better brush to sketch with...what I'm interested in now is to check out how to clean up drawings, if anybody knows any good ToonBoom tutorials for frame by frame handdrawn clean up, let me know!

The legend of Korra is awesome btw, watch it!

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  1. hi Dave! you can clean up your Brush tool lines using the Smooth tool, which is I think under the contour editor. BUT you should probably get familiar with the Pencil tool for clean up because that is what most productions use for that. hope this helps :) have fun!