Thursday, November 13, 2014

STUDY: X-Men Days of Future Past Gestures + Changing Man Sketch

I bought 2 blu ray movies on day 1 of release this year, The LEGO Movie and X-men Days of Future Past. I saw Days of Future past in the cinema twice, and together with Avatar it's the only 2 movies I think that are better in 3D. Not because of the 3d effects, but because things are more hazy and distorted, so it blends CG and live action together better...alternatively you can probably achieve the same effect on a very bad hangover.

But what really stood out to me were the excellent fight sequences, this was the first movie that captured the action of the comics. The acting and story were already superb in First Class, but this one made me believe the mutant powers were real. And mystiques' sequences are just bad-ass. Just check out the last 2 pages of these sketches, really great silhouettes and poses.

(sketches above done in ToonBoom)

I then also did a quick sketch of "the changing man", I don't know anything about this character except that he wears a cool jacket...I imagine this characters is a bit of a weirdo... I didn't really do a good job of drawing that foreshortening of the torso ...but this is just a sketch to try and get more into the character before I do my piece this weekend.

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