Thursday, November 27, 2014

She-Hulk Walkcycle Part 1: Setting up your scene

Before doing a walkcycle, you need an idea. I actually stuck a piece of paper on my wall with 3 words: WHAT - WHY - HOW

Anything I draw or animate, I want to (and still often don't :P) ask these 3 questions about the character.
What: She is walking out her office.
Why: She has her yearly review.
How: She is very confident and sure that she'll ace her review and come away with a raise.

This comes straight out of the first issue from Soule's run on She-Hulk drawn by Pulido (reference below). I'm adding my own flair to the drawings, but for the most part staying close to the original idea of how they designed the character.

I drew this in Toonboom but cleaned up in Photoshop (comfortzone) but the end result should look the same in Toonboom. I'm also going the extra mile and reading up a bit on how to walk with heels. Who knows high heels might one day cross over to male fashion.

And below a reference of the original artwork by Pulido.


  1. Very nice personality to your keys there. Look forward to seeing the finished animation :)

  2. Yeah me too! I'm hoping toonboom gets me the line quality I want.