Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Changing Man Part 1 + Toon Studies

For this month's drawing challenge on that forum I participate on I need to work with the topic: "The Changing Man". Never heard of this character before, which means I need to use my good friend google. I am thinking about creating a sequence to animate in Toonboom with this character, but it will all depend on how busy I am with work.

I did try to replace Photoshop with ToonBoom for my initial character interpretation of the character. I used a brush with texture for the sketch, but when you want to use the paint bucket to color him up it leaves pixels along the lineart...which doesn't look very nice. So I'll definitely be using the pencil tool in the future (which is just as a good as the normal brush..but has a lot more benefits).

In this instance, I patched up the missing pixels with the brush in "paint underneath" mode, which worked perfectly allowing me to change the colours in my palette and keeping a traditional feel on the lineart.

Anyway here is what I drew with a few notes... I'm not really feeling this character as of yet, but that wasn't the point of the exercise, just trying to see what I can achieve in Toonboom for digital frame by frame animation....once I figure out something that works well for me I'll post up a tutorial.

I also filled 2 A4 sheets in Photoshop with some toon drawings, I really never..ever...draw cartoons...kinda weird for a guy who works in cartoon animation :P So I'm trying to remedy that by sketching away! Also frame by framing old Warner Brothers cartoons, just love their use of spacing to create dynamic action.

Excuse the quality of the drawings, it's painfully of model.

1. Dragon Ball Z and Danger Mouse (not really recommend to study timing on animation :P)
Warner Bros short.."A corny Concerto".

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