Sunday, November 16, 2014

STUDY: Cowboy Bebop Frame by Frame

I'm really trying to devote more time to improving my animation skills, so one of the things I'd like to do is to study pieces of animation frame by frame. Looking at timing, spacing, arcs, smears, and whatever makes animation cool.

The best way for me to learn anything is by taking the case of animation, these notes are rough animations. This will look very crude, but this is not about good looking drawings, just a study of movement. I am using Toonboom for these, but you could easily take the crappiest free software out there (like pencil) to do the same.

1)  Faye sneeze (Episode 12)
This animation caught my eye because of the timing/spacing. There's really nice contrast, and the animator cleverly set it up for a loop...

2) Punch in the nose (Episode 12)
This shot is really well set up, there is no camera movement, but I love how Spike comes into to the shot from Right to left and settles back to the right while the other dude swings back around to land on the ground. What's really nice is how the arc works for the dude who gets punched in the face.

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