Monday, January 19, 2015

4 Legged Walk - Part's getting ridiculous

I think I can safely say that this has been fairly challenging :P

Hopefully I'll get to finish this before I die, since this has literally been taking forever! Anyway, I started working on my secondary me tell you, when you need to animate a tail, magic wand, magic cape, magic know you've probably overdone it on the secondary action :P

On top of that I totally overanimated it, while I'm ok with the wand (if I clean it up) and the cape, I need to be A LOT more subtle on the hat...I also think I'll remove that side rotation on the head and just have him go up and down.

You can probably guess that I just copy/pasted the wizard staff, everything else is frame by frame by frame by frame zzz


I also cleaned up the cat design, so once I get that hat sorted, I can go to clean up.

All sarcastic remarks aside, I have really been learning a lot through this piece of animation, so regardless of the result a journey well worth taking! It unfortunately just makes for boring blog updates :D

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