Saturday, January 24, 2015

TIP: ToonBoom Harmony Vector Brushes

So when I did my She-Hulk walkcycle some people were surprised to hear that it was done using vector brushes.

I actually cleaned that animation up with the vector pencil line tool.
The advantage of using the pencilline is that you can modify the line very easily by moving points around, you can also taper lines etc...

But to be honest, I am not a perfectionist so I probably will just stick to the brushtool in ToonBoom harmony (which is quite honestly very awesome). While Harmony is slightly more advanced, I think you can get the same brushes in Pro Animate aswell.

Just to demonstrate the type of lines you can get from using the standard vector brush tool in Harmony I drew two poses of Yoko from Gurren Lagann.

Another really great thing about using ToonBoom is that you save your colors in a palette, so coloring characters is as easy as selecting your color and dropping it in your linework with the bucket tool. And should you change your mind on the colors, if you change them in the palette it changes the colors in all your drawings for that file. 

So I quite literally used the brush you get when you first open Harmony. I do set the smoothing to 0 since I like full control of my lines.

And for my sketchwork I like to use a custom version of this brush where I enable the texture and set my max opacity to around 70% and min around 10%, that way I can build up my line like I would using a pencil...I find a full 100% opaque brush just too harsh. I also put the hardness down so I get a bit more of a soft texture around the edges.


  1. Wow, something tells me you've really fallen in love with this program lately :P

    Cool tips on the brushes. Might consider these more when working.

  2. Haha, yeah man..If I could only have one piece of software for the next 10 years, it'd be toonboom. I don't think we can really make use of the brushes for work, but you should definitely sketch a bit during lunch with those texture settings applied and let me know what you think :D To me it feels like drawing in Photoshop.