Sunday, January 4, 2015

STUDY: Four Legged Walk

I kind of feel like I've been slacking off on this cat walk, but unfortunately a large part of this challenge is research. I don't want to just copy from reference, I actually want to understand how a cat moves, and I want to be able to draw it from any angle from imagination...there's no way I can achieve this in a short amount of time. So I'll finish off my studies tomorrow and jump right into the animation then.

I did a couple of different studies:

1) The Aristocats
I wanted to have a look at the shape design and use of line to suggest form. I also tried to apply the skeleton and come up with a basic template I can use for animation.

2) Studies from on the 4 legged walk, this wasn't a cat but the same principles apply. Again, these are just my notes, please look at the source material for your own research.

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