Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Some ToonBoom Experimenting

By the power of ToonBoom! - (yes that's a He-man reference)

Anyway I wanted to test out some ideas I had to use the power of ToonBoom to aid my handdrawn animation. I did a very crude little head comp (If I were to do it for reals. I'd separate out mouth, nose, outer ear, inner ear, earring. etc... for more control).

Anyway using only those graphics, I did a very subtle headturn on the character with some bounce in his hat. If anybody is interested I can definitely put up a tutorial of some sort in the future.

I also had an idea for a 3d rotation in the wizard staff, ignoring the jumpy animation..you can definitely see how well it can work with some more time spent on it, and these are basically just 3 graphics (the stick, fishtip and a little base - then duplicated on each end).

And here put together on my rough walk, ...gotta figure out what to do with the wand and the tail tomorrow...

..to be continued!


  1. The best book on drawing animals I've ever bought was Jack Hamm's 'How to Draw Animals.' Along with the various species of each animal, it has their walk cycles. It helps me alot. Do you know of Jack Hamm's books?

    1. I actually didn't know about that book! Thanks for the tip, I'll have to pick that up when I find it! Also had a look at your deviant, your comicbook work is fantastic!

    2. Thanx. I wanted to use my animation degree for storyboarding but it's really hard to find a startup work. I also want to learn more Flash animation tips used in the industry. When I found your blog I told myself "Finally, a true break down." Now I just have to get my Flash CS3 working again.