Friday, January 23, 2015

STUDY: Wander over Yonder Smears

I want to study some animation techniques! This is another easy little exercise that can be done when you have a spare hour in the evening.

NOTE: This is not actually a looped animation, so if it looks kinda poppy that's not the original animators' doing but a result of me cutting it in an odd place :P

Just had a look at this scene of Wander over Yonder at how smears are used, and the general timing of the show.

Same as the last shot I looked at on this blog, they have the following pattern:

1) POSE A : start pose
2) 1 frame EASE OUT of POSE A, this starts the ARC to get to POSE B
3) SMEAR frame to cover the greatest distance, the smear favors POSE B with a drag from POSE A (continuing the arc)
4) EASE IN to POSE B - Very often there is no ease in on the main body, but things like the tail and hands will ease in with 2 sometimes 3 drawings.  But there is OVERLAP on things like the hair.

NOTE: So far I have not noticed the use of an OVERSHOOT like we used on RANDY. We'd hit the pose, then overshoot and settle. In Wander over Yonder I have seem overshoots, but just hit and settle, the use of arcs seems to take priority over anything else.

Just looking at things doesn't teach you anything though, best way of learning is by doing! Of course the best scenario would be if you took your own characters and animated the shot with that. There's only so many hours in the day though!

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