Sunday, January 25, 2015

Star Wars Tribute Poster + Step by Step

How long has it been since I did a digital painting? I'd say well over a year, any coloring I've done lately has either been flats or drawing lines to suggest some volume. So yeah for this month's art battle at  I wanted to attempt and do a poster like the old days of Star Wars, Indiana Jones, the Goonies etc... that meant I needed to work from reference!

So I 'sacrificed' myself yesterday to do extensive research and marathoned through the old Star Wars trilogy. I of an artist is hard! So anway, I got up today and basically did this in 1 sitting. I gotta say though, getting likeness is such a hard thing to do, I even managed to make Darth Vader look like a goof :P But whatever, challenge done...back to animating next week!

The one below was kind of finished before I played with the levels for more contrast...maybe this version is still the best? See that's why I would never be a good illustrator, well apart from not being patient I'd also be paranoid all the time things are horrible or I made last minute decisions that make it look more shit.

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