Thursday, January 8, 2015


This has been a pretty shabby week, didn't have a flow in life drawing, out of my rythm at work, and then this catwalk lingering over my head. But I finally got started on this and euh...I thought I understood the animal walk, but I really don't. Will check out some more reference before I work more on this :D

This is where I left things off :

I actually first did a straight ahead animation with my simplified skeleton, but I abandoned that skeleton for my second pass on a new layer. I really think that this stretching and contracting in the cat's body was important to capture, so I needed some shapes that express 3 dimensionality.

Things I want to work on:
- Head: I have to look at how the head moves, this kind of feels really unnatural
- Hips: The back hind legs should push up creating a tilt in the hips
- Hind Legs & Arcs, the way the hind legs leave the ground feels a bit clunky.

At least I'll have a better idea of what to look for now.

Just for reference, here is the first straight ahead pass:

It was really useful to help me think through this problem