Sunday, January 4, 2015

STUDY: Four Legged Walk + Cat Character Design


I don't think I've ever done so much research :P But here we go, the last batch of the research and I've started to design my cat.

From Richard Williams' survival Guide:

I then wanted to apply his theory on real life examples, so I created a loop from the cat walk images by Muybridge. And I also studied Richard Williams himself doing a walk :P

If you look at my cat notes you'll see that I looked at the individual parts like the spine, head, tail and torso for a guide to my own animation.
Below is my simplified skeleton structure, I'll be dong my rough pass using that template and then draw my character on top for clean up.
For my character design I asked Michelle Henderson from Tengu Arts to knock me up a quick sketch, I then took that sketch and started to explore it for a final design. It's fun to draw other people's characters because you can learn new ways of doing something.

I'll go back and play around with it more tomorrow and do my keys once I'm happy.

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