Thursday, January 1, 2015

STUDY: 4 Legged Animals

Before animating the cat, I really wanted to have at least some basic understanding of how their anatomy works. These are notes from books I recommend, definitely never use my drawing notes to study since they are bad copies and are just here to show the research I put in before animating. But refer to the original sources.

1) The art of animal drawing by Ken Hultgren (LINK)

2) Notes from Mike Matessi - He actually has a book on Animal drawing for animators but unfortunately I don't own it. (LINK)

Anyway, even with this research I wouldn't be able to draw believable cats from my imagination, it would definitely help me when studying cats from life or video. So I'm definitely making animal drawing a part of to do list. But for the animation I'll just need to keep reference beside me and learn while doing. I'll do up my keys this weekend (still need to design the look of the walk) and maybe start the walkcycle in a simplified skeleton version.

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